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Cheap Tricks To Vamp Up Your Home

The house that once gleamed and stood brand new with fresh paint coats and stain free walls that used to make the neighbors jealous, is now dull with peeling paint coats and moss gathering up on the corners of the walls. This is the description of a common dilemma that most people tend to face after a few years of living in their homes. However, there is no point of complaining because all you need is a few tips to vamp up your house.

Spruce up the exterior
If you wish to transform your home and the reaction of those who visit, then it is important to change the exterior first as this is what people see as soon as they arrive. Get rid of the boring old wall color and replace it with fresh coats of paint using a different color. The overgrown weeds and garden scattered with dead leaves must be cleaned and replaced with something more attractive such as a unique garden landscape design using flowers or bushes.

Glam up the interior
Apart from modifying the external landscape design north shore, it is also important to work on the interior. Who would want to witness the dull sofas and stained carpets as soon as they enter their homes? Walking into a house with dirty lights and cracked walls is definitely not a treat for the eyes, so why not make a change here? Decide on a theme for each room and choose wall colors accordingly and add matching bedspreads or curtains to ensure the colors are well-coordinated.

Add texture
A key rule to changing the appearance of a room or to give the interior a charming twist is to play with textures. Let go of those sober colored cushions and add something funky like sequin studded covers to adorn those dark leather sofas. Similarly, add tiny elements such as fur rugs or wooden ornaments to adorn the tables. Adding long mirrors to one corner of the room can give room an elongated appearance and make it appear larger than it actually is.

Personalize your space
Transforming your house does not have to punch a hole through your wallet and cost you a fortune. All it takes is some creativity and the right tools to bring your imagination to life. Go online and choose from the various DIY hacks that exist and use the ones that suit your taste best. You could even manipulate some of these ideas to give it a twist of your